Zayn- Zayn is 12 year old kid with a mental illness. Zayn has trouble with sleeping, nightmares and always feel weird each start of a new season. He has divorced parents, his mother comes from a richer community and lives in the city. His father lives outside the site on the other side of the bridge. Located next to the nature side, by the mountains. His father comes from a different dimension and ended up at earth and ended up getting a son, Zayn. The relationship was hard to maintain as the society restrict interaction with different classes, can be looked at like a caste system. His mother is rich and his father didn't have any position so was automatically categorized as poor. 

Axel- Axel is Zayn's father. 'He comes from another universe,  He came with no form of Identification which is why he was automatically placed in the poor class when he got to vancouver. He lives on the outskirts of the city. Not much information is known about him because he is not present in his son’s life due to the restrictions of interacting with other classes. '

Tara- Tara is Zayn's mother. She is a rich headstrong stubborn woman. She kept Zayn away from his father when they got divorced. 

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